Description: Final CFGS Illustration project.

Closed book size: A6

Opened book width: 1,5m.

Media: 2 channel illustration. Acrylic on acetate.

Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone illustration accordion editionwith a pop-up packaging for the collection and the cover of the other 6 books.


Regarding the packaging model that would accompany my collection of illustrated Harry Potter books, I wanted to create not only a box to store the 7 books, but also a box that would become an object of collection. In this way I made two Hogwarts popups, one on each side of the box, in which you can see the evolution of the building itself and the history, starting with a castle in good condition and ending with a broken, cracked castle, but in foot.

On the outside I show the Hogwarts Express so that while it is closed, the trip is cyclical, it returns to the origin. Once deployed instead, when the story has been completed, the train advances linearly, since they have already resolved the conflict and can continue with their lives.

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